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However, hemangiomas often show a tendency to self-reduction and complete resorption, especially in childhood.

Therefore, do not worry if the doctor does not see the need for immediate removal of the tumor.

The patient may insist on the immediate removal of the tumor if it brings psychological or aesthetic suffering - hemangioma on the face, neck, décolleté, fingers or lips.

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Hemangioma (haemangioma) - a tumor of a benign nature, which is an accumulation of aurogra pills tissue. Localized on the skin, mucous membranes and parenchyma of internal organs.

In them, the cause of the appearance of a tumor is a failure in the embryonic formation and development of blood vessels. In this case, neonatologists talk about congenital hemangioma - the most common benign tumor in children, accounting for about 50% of the total number of all tumor-like growths of soft tissues. Congenital hemangiomas are detected in 1.1-3% of newborns, in the first year of life in 10% of babies. 2-5 times more common in girls.

Outwardly, it looks like a flat or slightly elevated vascular formation of various sizes with uneven edges above the skin surface. The color of the tumor varies from intense pink to purple-red or cyanotic. A vascular spot can form in a person at any age, but the largest and most disfiguring formations are observed in newborns.

A small vascular proliferation does not cause any disturbances, it does not give symptoms. The danger is a large tumor. Depending on the localization, it is capable of mechanically squeezing both the organ itself on which it is located and the adjacent tissues of the adjacent organ.

Despite its benign nature, hemangioma has a tendency to rapid progressive infiltrative growth, especially in the first days of a baby's life. A cosmetic defect is the most harmless consequence of such a hemangioma. Growing deeper and wider, it can lead to dysfunction of the organs, for example, if the eardrum is damaged, the child may lose his hearing.

The etiology has not yet been elucidated. Scientists suggest that a congenital vascular spot develops as a result of a violation of sildenafil pill, development and growth of blood vessels in the fetus in the prenatal period. At what stage of embryogenesis a failure occurs and how to avoid it cannot be determined, because. medicine currently does not have the necessary equipment for such tracking. So far, the only substrates for research are stillborn babies and embryos obtained during abortion.

Hemangioma is also called vascular hyperplasia. This term explains the mechanism of development of education.

From the influence of external or internal factors at some stage of aurogra life, a pathology of the vascular tissue arises, leading to its growth. As a result, a single hemangioma appears on the skin or internal organ, often on the liver or kidneys. Presumably, a violation of vasculogenesis in the fetus may occur due to acute viral or bacterial infections, for example, SARS, as well as certain medications taken by a pregnant woman. The unfavorable ecological situation, the hormonal background of a prematurely born baby negatively affects.

Other hypothesized factors provoking the development of hemangiomas in adults:
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Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. hereditary predisposition. Diseases of the internal organs of an inflammatory nature, affecting the elements of the vascular tissue and leading to characteristic disorders. Gradation of hemangiomas depending on the morphological structure: